Al Madrassa-tul-Fatimiya
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Al Madrasa-tul- Fatimiya Rawalpindi) was first set up in Rawalpindi in 1980. The Primary goal is to teach the children of the Bohra followers the Religion of Islam and the Fatimi Shia Traditions. At present the curriculum of the Madrasa is the teaching of Al Quran, the daily prayers and the Shariat of Islam. 

The traditional language of the Dawoodi Bohras is Lisane Dawat, which also is registered with Pakistan’s heritage and language program. This language is taught at the Madrasa to the children as well as adults.

It is our goal and purpose to keep this website up to date with current events, learning resources, online activities, and contact information for the parents and children to easily view and access through this website.

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